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The Fireballs play at Mid Week Party

The Fireballs - rock'n'roll band to play at the Mid Week Party.The Fireballs is a rock'n'roll sextet based in Brno. Since its start at 2001 the group reached the total of 500 shows in the Czech Republic and all around Europe. The repertoire involves mainly songs from the classic rock'n'roll era and there is also a wide range of rhythm'n'blues and jump blues numbers. You'll hear the best cuts from Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Jodimars, Louis Jordan, The Treniers and others. Moreover, there are some newer, some older and some original songs. The band is well known for its authentic sound, swing, image and explosive stage show. You'll see also some vintage gear - a collection of 50s microphones, Trixon Speedfire bass drum and a German PA from 1959 including the necessary tape echo. Read more at